Blue Jeans was created with the purpose of helping users connect with each other at any time, in any location, on any device. With an end goal of turning every phone call into a video call and making all video devices work with each other. With perfect interoperability being a key aim for the industry in 2016, video conferencing (VC) will soon become totally mobile, and the benefits of this will be far reaching.

For healthcare, an industry which is continually facing significant budget cuts, investing in VC technology will save not just money, but also lives. Video conferencing solutions have become significantly cheaper, and the services they offer are far more advanced than interlinked office rooms. With patients’ lives on the line, investing in the right technology is crucial.

Through pushing the boundaries, Blue Jeans is ensuring that the healthcare sector is best prepared to offer the best treatment in a challenging climate. Beyond connecting doctors with patients in remote locations, did you know video conferencing is also used to host group therapy sessions, training and first response?

First Response

In an emergency situation, time is of the essence, every second counts. Healthcare professionals need to be equipped with the right technology to allow them to deal with situations as quickly as possible.

Integrated video conferencing in smartphones, tablets, and phablets allows patients direct “face to face” communication with the relevant medical professional they need. No matter the time, location, or device.

A common issue in the healthcare sector has been that specialists and consultants are not in the right location to deal with a patient’s needs, VC integration removes this problem. Whether at home, out in the field, or working in the surgery, doctors can now have 24/7 connectivity with any of their patients enabling immediate diagnosis to ensure the right treatment can be administered as quickly as possible.

Group Therapy Sessions

For specialists in fields such as oncology and psychiatry, treating multiple patients at once can prove extremely difficult. Higher demand and less funding is damaging the health service so in some cases patients aren’t receiving frequent access to the care they need.

Using VC technology, healthcare professionals can host group therapy sessions for their patients, linking multiple people together at once. Group sessions are extremely important in certain medical environments, but the logistics of arranging a specific time for everyone to meet in one place often proves troublesome. VC enables regular sessions to take place in the comfort of the patient’s home. Everyone still receives the same level of treatment, but costs are saved through the removal of travel expenses.

Knowledge Sharing

Training and continuing education are often time consuming and cost-prohibitive for healthcare organisations. With Blue Jeans, in-service training can easily be scheduled and attended by geographically dispersed staff, without worrying about system incompatibility.

It’s possible to equip doctors to collaborate with each other as well as watch live seminars from the office or at home. Likewise, for rural clinics it’s possible to connect city locations so healthcare professionals can share knowledge and experiences to support ongoing learning and improvements.

For an industry where time is of the essence and timeliness of response can mean life or death, ensuring that the right technology is in place to help deal with all scenarios is crucial. Through clever implementation of VC tech, the healthcare sector can ensure service isn’t impacted by budget pressures.

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