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Security and Privacy at BlueJeans

At BlueJeans, security and privacy are of primary importance. We are continuously looking for ways to strengthen our practices and protections both in designing and providing our products and services as well as in our internal operations. Below are some of the measures we have taken in furtherance of our commitment to these critical areas. Because we are consistently looking to improve our levels of security and privacy, we invite you to watch this space.

Compliance and Certification

Blue Jeans has had SOC 2 attestation from 2014. We meet EU's General Data Protection Regulation. BlueJeans complies with CCPA and is also HIPAA ready.

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Secure Video Conferencing

Enjoy peace of mind with enterprise-grade security, performance, manageability, and scalability from a global solutions provider with a decade of experience. Learn more about our in-meeting security features, administrative safeguards, and data protection protocols for industry-leading video conferencing.

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Privacy of your data is important to BlueJeans. Our Video Cloud services are built with Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default principles. Our privacy statement explains BlueJean's data collection, storage and use policies and the rights of data subjects on their data.

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We take security seriously. We publish security advisories on critical vulnerabilities and patches that impact our service and our customers.

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Responsible Disclosure Program

The security of our Video Conferencing platform is of paramount importance to us to maintain the trust and confidence that our customers have in BlueJeans. If you are a security researcher and have found a vulnerability in our service, we strongly encourage you to inform us as quickly as possible and to not disclose the vulnerability publicly until it is fixed. We have retained BugCrowd to run our Responsible Disclosure program. BugCrowd will engage with security researchers on behalf of BlueJeans in accordance with the published Responsible Disclosure Policy. We will review the submissions and fix vulnerabilities in accordance with our commitment to security and privacy.

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