Tips For Using Video Conferencing

Get the most out of your video conference with can’t miss tips for enhancing your next video conference call. Video conferences have grown in popularity in recent years as more organizations embrace ‘work from anywhere’ or ‘bring your own device’ policies. While these policies promote innovation and improve employee satisfaction, they can create a sense of distance between co-workers, teams and departments. Thankfully, video conferences reconnect teams by harnessing the power of face-to-face communication and they've never been easier to try or buy

Making a Video Conference Call with BlueJeans

Since BlueJeans is a cloud-based collaboration tool, hosting or joining an online video conference is straightforward and easy. Connect with multiple parties across any smart device (including smartphones, tablets, computers or conference room systems) for a quality video conferencing experience.

Here’s how:

  1. Log on to your BlueJeans account or click-to-join your meeting from an email invitation.
  2. Select your connection type.
  3. Control your video conference call with features like cloud-based recording, screen sharing, mute, zoom, change layouts and more.
  4. Manage and track utilization through BlueJeans Command Center.

Learning Video Call Etiquette

Of course, once you’re on a video conference call, you’ll want to conduct yourself with a sense of professionalism and pose. Here’s how:

  • - Be sure to dress appropriately for your video call.
  • - Adjust the perspective of your camera to avoid any unflattering angles.
  • - If possible, find a private space to conduct your conference call so your audience won’t be distracted by background noise.
  • - Before your video call, prepare materials, content or notes to keep things on schedule.

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