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Non Profit Organizations

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Your cause should always be the main focus

BlueJeans helps you work smarter, so you can direct money, time, and people to what matters most. From critical field work to people coordination and negotiations, BlueJeans’ modern, easy-to-use meetings help you bring creativity, innovation, and results to life.

BlueJeans for Non Profit Organizations

Speed productivity from anywhere with modern, naturally collaborative video conferencing

Extended Reach

Expand outreach

Training constituents or employees should be easy. Instead of traveling to remote locations, deliver more dynamic training to field workers through any video-enabled device.

Improve Donor Pitches

Improve donor pitches

Move ideas, campaigns, and projects forward faster. BlueJeans transforms your pitch into a powerful and compelling experience that stands out from the crowd.

Reduce Travel Costs

Reduce travel costs

Save time and money getting from place to place. Convene board members anywhere to advise your organization, without worrying about which device or network they are using.

A game changer for nonprofit

BlueJeans is a collaborative, difference maker for world changing nonprofit organizations


Expand reach and mission

Facilitate more efficient communication across multiple offices and external stakeholders with live, worldwide video meetings.

Superior connectivity

Give on-the-ground workers instant, easy access to office employees. Respond quickly to time-sensitive issues and prepare more effective fundraising campaigns.

Reduce IT burden

Deploy IT funds elsewhere as you consolidate the software tools and equipment you already have in one, dynamic meetings platform.

Save on travel costs

Communicate instantly with grantees and applicants, field-workers, and campaign managers, without using additional travel funds.

A greener conscience

Champion your cause while reducing your carbon footprint by logging less travel.

Customer Story

See how Team Rubicon uses BlueJeans to coordinate and expedite relief efforts across the United States.

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Accelerate your mission through modern video conferencing.