Use Case



Why BlueJeans for Manufacturing

Revolutionize the manufacturing process


Flexibility on-the-go

Whether you need to loop a remote worker into a plant inspection or attend a live video call from the road, we’ve got you covered.

Enhanced Collaboration

Seamless collaboration

BlueJeans make sure everyone stays on top of the numbers with exceptional tools for screen sharing presentations, videos, and spreadsheets.


Interoperability for productivity

Serve both suppliers and customers. BlueJeans provides a secure connection across any platform and device, so you can leverage the value of live video conferencing.

Work Smarter

Streamline from production to delivery


Increased contact

Conduct on-site plant inspections using HD video and Dolby audio through the BlueJeans mobile app.

Reduce travel costs

Ensure collaboration across international sites and departments without the need to travel.

Streamline work processes

Connecting from any device, on any platform, means you can communicate with anyone in the work chain. 

Reduce delays from IT

Meet with high-profile clients regardless of their room system or how they dial into a meeting.

Agile work processes

Dolby Voice integrations and noise-minimizing tools mean you can work from even the busiest locations.

Customer Story

"I really like the concept of having my very own meeting space that I bring with me wherever I go. BlueJeans has made video conferencing just like electricity — just turn it on and it works."


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