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Use Case

Video Conferencing for Education and Virtual Learning

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Engage Students with Virtual Learning Powered by BlueJeans

Instantly extend the boundaries of your virtual classroom with an immersive and interactive video conferencing experience that ensures faculty and students stay in sync, even if they aren’t in the same physical space. BlueJeans provides a rich set of distance learning features that eliminate distractions, boost note-taking abilities, and improve group discussion to ensure that the virtual classroom is as effective of a learning environment as possible.

Why BlueJeans for Education

Step into the Next Generation of eLearning


World-Class Audio & Video

Ensure that everyone in class can see each other clearly with HD Video and hear each other without distractions with Dolby Voice® noise suppression.


Dynamic Content Sharing

Easily share content with the click of a button and use the content slider or participant pinning to optimize the classroom layout for optimal discussion and feedback.


Seamless Breakout Sessions

Enable small group discussion by assigning students to random or designated breakout rooms where they can engage with a topic at a deeper level.

Training and Retention

Intelligent Notetaking

Leverage BlueJeans Smart Meetings capabilities so students can tag class highlights, crowdsource notes, and use class recordings as insight-packed study resources.

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Interactive Digital Canvas

Emphasize lecture content with content annotation or use digital whiteboarding to capture ideas, solve problems collaboratively, and engage the classroom.


Large Lecture Support

Use BlueJeans Events for large classes and take advantage of virtual hand raising, online polling, and question upvoting to get students more involved.

Unlimited Education Potential

Unleash Virtual Classroom Creativity


Adopt Innovative Teaching Techniques

Whether co-teaching a course with a professor from a different school or inviting subject matter experts into the classroom, BlueJeans offers endless possibilities for class enrichment.

Embrace Flexible Schedules

Provide students and teachers with a platform that allows them to make the most of their day and still attend office hours, virtual tutoring, and mentoring sessions from anywhere.

Boost Study Group Effectiveness

Arm students with an always-on collaboration platform that enables them to easily revisit online coursework and join together to complete group projects and prepare for tests.

Improve Departmental Collaboration

Streamline department and administrative meetings with a video conferencing platform that is focused on meeting productivity and optimized for virtual engagement.

Prepare for Rapid Emergency Response

Enable your entire school to stay connected for critical announcements, safety alerts, and school-wide communications.

Customer Story

“After experimenting with different solutions, BlueJeans was by far superior to other tools.”
Todd Austin Videoconferencing Lead, College of Literature, Science & the Arts University of Michigan

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