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Extend the classroom for more dynamic learning

With any device, instantly connect to classrooms for live, face-to-face video courses featuring screen sharing and Dolby Voice. By integrating with Canvas LMS and pairing with modern collaboration tools, it’s the ideal solution for today’s leading educational institutions.

Why BlueJeans for Education

Expand the classroom and maximize student learning

Exceptional Mobility

Exceptional mobility

Never miss a class. With BlueJeans, you can join a live video call from your mobile device and teach or attend courses from anywhere.

Simple to Use

Simple to use

Easily schedule video lectures through your calendar or browser. When you join a BlueJeans video call, you’ll instantly be connected from the device that's most convenient.


Screen sharing

When teaching students, it's all about sharing great examples. BlueJeans' screen sharing lets you show presentations, spreadsheets, and videos during your courses.

Extended Reach

Expanded reach

Teach students unable to attend courses in person. BlueJeans’ video conferencing opens the classroom up to 15,000 more attendees.

The New Classroom

Change the way students and teachers collaborate



Devise a syllabus and then team-teach a course from disparate campuses or any other location.

Extended office hours

Make yourself available to students after hours when they typically aren't on campus.

Hybrid classes

Join courses in person for portions and online via BlueJeans for other portions.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Host free online courses to create an ideal forum for learning and idea sharing.

Study groups

Work on group projects from anywhere, including quick sync-ups and off-hour study sessions.

Better collaboration

Conduct department meetings, administrative meetings, and software trainings over video conferencing.

Customer Story

"On a daily basis, BlueJeans affects our culture. It lets us incorporate the world into our classroom. That’s the direction we’re moving as a global business school."


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Bring traditional classrooms into the future with live video conferencing.