At Blue Jeans Network we continually strive to improve our service with new features and capabilities. On Tuesdays, our Sales Engineering team is going to talk about a different tip to get you better acquainted with the service and to get the most out of your meetings.

For this installment, they'll walk you through the Blue Jeans Outlook add-in. The Blue Jeans Outlook Add-In is a great resource to allow Blue Jeans to insert itself into customers existing scheduling process. Below are some common questions or issues we may run into with them and steps to overcome them.

My Outlook Add-In disappeared

There are add in settings in Outlook that may reset sometimes.  To re-enable your outlook plugin, go through the following steps

1.     Launch Outlook and go to File --> Options

2.     Click on the Add-Ins tab.  Then click on the Go button below. (Fig. 1)

Fig. 1

3.     You’ll notice that the Blue Jeans Outlook Add-In box is unchecked.  Click that check box and click OK. (Fig. 2)

Fig. 2

4.     You should notice your Outlook plugin button has reappeared.

How can I use the Outlook Add-In to schedule my personal meeting room instead of a unique 9 digit meeting ID

1.     In Outlook, click on schedule meeting (Fig. 1a)

Fig 1a

2.      You will then be brought to the outlook calendar invite.  Once there select the option to “Edit Meeting Options. (Fig 2a)

Fig 2a

3.    Under Meeting Options select the check box to “Always use personal conference ID for my conferences.” (Fig 3a)

Fig 3a

From now on your meetings will be scheduled with your personal meeting room ID.

Stay tuned for more quick tips and helpful tricks in our next edtion! Have questions? Let us know in the comments section below.