No one ever said sales was easy. The role requires some serious charisma, persistence, and social savvy. Just to give you an idea of how difficult sales can be, let’s take a look at some numbers. According to research from the Harvard Business Review, only 9.1% of sales meetings result in a sale. That’s assuming you can even organize the meeting in the first place.

Only one out of 250 salespeople are able to exceed their targets, meaning there’s a lot of failed expectations. And here’s the whopper, the profit per sale that’s needed just to cover the expense of a failed sales meeting is an average of $1,760. Now, if over 90% of these meeting are failing to result in a sale, companies are wasting massive amounts of money on a flawed sales system. Wondering how to make those numbers look a little sunnier? That’s where the Blue Jeans Network comes in.

By leveraging the Blue Jeans cloud-based video conferencing, sales departments dramatically reduce the cost of sales meetings by eliminating extra travel expenses. Sales teams can hold face-to-face meetings with prospective clients from their laptops, smartphones, or high-end room systems. By cutting out travel, sales teams can streamline its sales cycle and accelerate contracts on a tighter budget.

Sales staff can use Blue Jeans video conferencing to better gage the attention and interests of prospective clients. By incorporating visual information, sales staff can pick up on social cues much more easily than with traditional audio calls, making the sales process smoother and more effective. On the prospective client side, it’s easier to commit to a simple video meeting rather than coordinating a meeting in the office. It’s faster and more convenient for both sides, leaving the focus where it should be, on the transaction. Improve your sales cycle with Blue Jeans.