Results and Relationship-Focused Video Meetings

by Susannah Magers

Enterprise-wide video meetings are better than ever and they’re happening every day, worldwide. This mass adoption is being driven, in part, by value-led partnerships and strategic collaborations, which are helping to build a better enterprise video call experience.

Results and Relationship-Focused BlueJeans Video Meetings

Open Video Call and Audio Conferencing Ecosystems

With BlueJeans audio and video conferencing, you’ll never be asked to learn a new program or install complex software. Since BlueJeans video meetings are designed with interoperability in mind, BlueJeans software integrates easily into the applications users already work with. Steve Weinstock, Head of Business Development and Integration Partners, says, “We meet the end users where they are. We’re not going to force you to leave the applications you already use to do your job to start a BlueJeans video meeting. If you live in Outlook or Slack, for example, you can launch a BlueJeans video meeting directly through those applications.”

Enriching Partner and Customer Video Meeting Interactions

For Weinstock, when it comes to the partnerships between BlueJeans and companies like Microsoft, LinkedIn and the latest with Dolby Voice, it’s all about consistency and unification, which is achieved by leveraging expertise and thought leadership from both stakeholders. “The go-to-market strategy is very important, meaning both companies are moving forward together as a unified front for the customer and driving sales together.” says Weinstock.

From his perspective, this entails steering both companies to create a structure around rolling those ideas and strategies out to the customer. When it comes to the customer perspective, it all starts from a need. Weinstock states: “Is there something that the customer will find valuable if company A and company B come together?”

Once a solution that addresses these needs is defined, and once any technical hurdles are overcome, by both parties, it’s time to launch. “We ultimately come up with a solution that works, and we take it to market. We then create mechanisms and tools for the unified messaging to be communicated directly,” explains Weinstock.

Video Meetings That “Help People Do Their Jobs Better”

Imagine you are in a video meeting with a coworker, current customer, or a prospective client, and you want to learn more about them, without toggling back and forth between a web browser and your BlueJeans meeting. Are you both alums from the same school, have mutual colleagues or a past job in common, or belong to the same professional organizations?

With a future LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration, for example, simply mousing over a name provides important and relevant background information to make your video conferencing conversation more meaningful and personalized to the people you are meeting. This will be possible from within the BlueJeans Meeting workflow, so you can stay focused on the tasks at hand.

One-Touch Video Calling: Jump Into A BlueJeans Meeting

As Weinstock notes, sometimes there’s no substitute to the connective power of ‘Let’s just talk’ face-to-face—via video call. With BlueJeans integrations for Slack or Facebook Workplace, for example, the concept of the open ecosystem and meeting end users where they are—within the workflow environments they ‘live’ in, as Weinstock puts it—is especially demonstrative.

“I can send a Slack chat message to a coworker, and say, ‘Hey, can we check in?’ and, with one click, I’m in a BlueJeans video meeting with that person,” says Weinstock. “With today's distributed workforce, this is a key feature in keeping remote coworkers engaged.”

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