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Developing a Foundational Approach to Gender Equity in Tech

The topic of equity and equality in the workplace (or the lack thereof) has been a hot debate in recent years—especially in the technology sector. While many companies are have made strides in their effort to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace, research shows there is still much to be done.

BlueJeans recently partnered with Hugo to release a study on the topic of gender equity in tech. Conducted by Advancing Women in Product (AWIP), the survey comprised of 580 respondents highlighted the following key findings:

  • 25% of women felt that their voices were at least sometimes subdued at all in meetings.
  • Only 10% of men reported that their voices were sometimes subdued.
  • 20% of all respondents felt that their voices were actively subdued in meetings—of those, all identified as Asian, Black or African American, Latinx, or Mixed Race.
  • 26% of respondents said that gender differences exist in their work environment, but they don’t complain.
  • Furthermore, 57% more women and non-binary people agreed with this statement than men—signifying that women and non-binary people don’t, in fact, complain when it happens.

This report highlights the fact that not everyone has the same challenges and obstacles in the workplace. By using workplace tools to neutralize the impact of in-person meetings tech companies can ensure that more women get an equal opportunity to move ahead in their careers.

At BlueJeans, we recognize the importance of tools like ours in helping people better connect and get business done as effectively as possible—wherever that work is coming from—meaning companies no longer need to be bound by geographic limitations when building out and growing their workforce.

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White Paper