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White Paper

Adjusting to Hybrid Work: How Do We Get It Right?

How to Make Hybrid Work a Success

With hybrid working now part of the mainstream in many organizations, the connection between the home and office has changed.

So, how do workers and executives feel about their new setup? What are their biggest struggles? BlueJeans surveyed 5,200 workers, frontline managers, and senior executives from diverse industries to find out.

The results examine a few key areas:

  • Beating Meeting Fatigue
  • Keeping Everyone Engaged
  • Arresting that Feeling of Disconnection 
  • How to Keep Making It Work

Download the white paper to learn more about the survey and understand not only how participants are feeling about working in this new dynamic, but also in how BlueJeans is implementing transformative practices and technologies to help workers remain productive and engaged. 

Hybrid Work Survey for BlueJeans
White Paper