The Power of Technical Knowledge for Event Production

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Episode 1 of our 3-part series - Virtual Event Planning for the New Normal

As an event professional, marketer, or IT expert, you spent most of 2020 pivoting from in-person events to online experiences — transitioning your event budget to digital solutions, gaining insights into new technologies, and learning the caveats of virtual events. But now in 2021 you need to maximize on your findings and host some killer events.

We’ve compiled a webinar series devoted to event execution, hosted in a conversational format designed to teach and help you focus on the right aspects of your virtual events in the “new normal.”

In this webinar, our BlueJeans Events expert, Justin McHeffey, joins Brandt Kreuger, technical producer for the meetings and events industry and owner of Event Technology Consulting, to talk through why you need to understand your event technology and how to uplevel your event.

Watch and you’ll:

  • Learn what technical event knowledge you need to gain in 2021
  • Learn how to combat video fatigue by altering the event experience
  • Learn how to improve your production quality given budgetary constraints



Brandt Krueger

 Owner, Event Technology Consulting

Brandt is a technical producer and consultant based in Minneapolis, MN, and is the highly acclaimed instructor for the Event Leadership Institute’s Virtual Event and Meeting Management certificate course. He has over 20 years experience in the industry, has spoken at events and conferences all over the world, been published in numerous magazines and websites, and is ranked among the most influential people in the events industry. More information at www.brandtkrueger.com