Prepare Your Collaboration Toolset for the Return to Office


Most enterprises are shifting from their immediate pandemic response into return-to-office mode. It’s a process no one has ever had to do before—so what critical factors must you take into account?

In this webinar, a leading industry analyst will help you understand the cultural, market, and physical factors that will dictate the terms of your enterprise’s return-to-office strategy. And he’ll discuss ways that these factors will drive your decision-making about collaboration platforms, applications, and devices.

You’ll come away from this session with a better vision for how to incorporate collaboration technology into the workplace strategy your enterprise is developing.

You will learn:
  • How to use analytics to understand your end users’ usage patterns during the remote work period, and what this may mean for usage as some workers return to the office
  • How your office space utilization is likely to be different to accommodate distancing, and the implications for your videoconferencing strategy
  • How to assess and prepare to meet enterprise collaboration needs in the next phase of limited return, with gradual ramp-up of office use