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Product Video

Screen Sharing for Android

BlueJeans for Android allows for mobile screen sharing during your meetings. Easily share applications, documents and more. Get it here:



Narrator [0:01-1:05] Introducing BlueJeans screen sharing on Android! Just like BlueJeans IOS users, Android users want a way to share while in a BlueJeans meeting. While in a BlueJeans meeting, navigate your Android to the left-hand menu to start screensharing. Once you start screensharing, all of your attendees will see exactly what you’re seeing on your Android device. From here you can scroll, switch applications, and move around a handy stop-sharing widget to get it out of your way. When you’re done sharing, press the stop sharing widget to get back to your meeting. While sharing, meeting attendees can see exactly everything you see on your Androids device. Want to see more? Go to for more information.