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Product Video

How BlueJeans Events is Reinventing Online Streaming

BlueJeans Events reimagines the world of online streaming by expanding BlueJeans’ signature video meetings service with scalable broadcasting capabilities. For the first time, selectively promote passive viewers to interactive participants from an audience of thousands with one click. Learn more -



Narrator [0:03-1:24] We don’t live in a one way world anymore. Technology has opened the door to global communication, and allowed more voices to be heard than ever before. BlueJeans has always believed in the power of communication, and we’ve extended our platform to give you a bigger voice. The power to interact with your audience and deliver your message far beyond the limits of traditional venues. BlueJeans Primetime is reinventing the online event, encouraging a two-way exchange that fuels new thinking, and furthers the dialogue, whether you’re hosting a global event to launch a new product, inviting fans to a virtual meet and greet with an Oscar winner, or sharing the worldviews of a Nobel laureate. When captive audience members are given the ability to raise their hands, join the conversation, and participate, a new class of events is created and great things happen. BlueJeans Primetime provides an interactive video events platform that empowers today’s business and thought leaders to engage their thought leaders from everywhere, giving all big conversations the participating they deserve. BlueJeans, bringing great minds together like never before.