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Product Video

BlueJeans for Facebook Live

Introducing BlueJeans for Facebook Live: Connecting the power of BlueJeans Primetime's interactive video with your Facebook follower audience.



Narrator [0:03-1:11] The world’s most successful brands are increasingly turning to the power of video and social media to enhance their image, engage their audiences, and increase their reach. So, what if you could stream live interact video events to all of your Facebook followers? BlueJeans primetime is the only large-scale video events platform that gives multiple participants the power to engage in live conversations with thousands of viewers. BlueJeans for Facebook live connects the power of primetime with the reach and global audience of Facebook live. You now have the ability to publish to Facebook live when broadcasting any BlueJeans Primetime event. Once Facebook is connected, you can choose if the livestream is published to your timeline, a private or public group, or a specific person’s timeline. Now just check your video, add a description of the event, and you’re ready to go live. You’re now streaming live to your Facebook followers, where they can view comment and engage. When the event is finished, the recording is available for everyone to view on demand. Find out how you can make your brand live by contacting us today.