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BlueJeans Add-In for Microsoft Skype for Business

Upgrade Skype for Business with Enterprise-Grade Video Calling from BlueJeans

Give your company access to online meetings without the complex integration and high costs of traditional video conferencing systems. The BlueJeans Add-in for Skype for Business brings together the messaging and online meeting capabilities of Skype with the benefits of BlueJeans Meetings. Combine room systems, external participants and Skype for Business users in one HD video call with one click. Learn more at:


Narrator [0:02-1:02] Your company uses Skype for business to communicate, but you also want to have a video enabled workforce. With 50% of all communication being non-verbal, text-based conversation is only part of the conversation. BlueJeans add in for skype for business combines enterprise-grade video with your existing Skype deployment, empowering employees to be more efficient and communicate face to face. Just click, share, and meet over BlueJeans with interactive HD video, screensharing, and meeting recording. Adding room systems and external participants to your meeting is now possible, with a consistent experience across devices. You also receive all the benefits of BlueJeans command center, including meeting analytics, in-point usage, and ROI data. BlueJeans offers an easy on-ramp to video from messaging applications, room systems, mobile devices, and more. Connecting businesses, and transforming the way people communicate.