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This is a Day with BlueJeans: Almost Too Easy

BlueJeans makes face-to-face collaboration possible from anywhere. Put your brightest minds in play with the power of video and see what they can accomplish. Even the tallest of tasks becomes almost too easy.

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Stephanie [0:01] Oh Hi – what – okay, David, hi!

David [0:06] Stephanie! Where are you?

Stephanie [0:07] No – I – 10 minutes I had to stop for coffee!

David [0:10] Nobody came into the office with any new ideas for digital okay, he’s expecting our presentation in an HOUR alright? We have nothing! We’re dead, we're dead!

Stephanie [0:18] No – it’s okay!

David [0:19] We’re dead!

Stephanie [0:20] graffiti?

David [0:29] Digital graffiti?

Stephanie [0:31] Yeah!

David [0:32] That’s good! Okay I’m going to get Angela from Marketing in on this. How are you doing today sunshine?

Angela [0:39] What’s up guys? I’m slammed!

David [0:41] Digital Graffiti!

Angela [0:46] Oh that’s good. I’m just jumping on my call with the New York sales team. They need to hear this!

New York Sales Guy [0:52] Angela, tell me something good!

Angela [0:55] Digital Graffiti!

New York Sales Guy [0:59] God, that’s genius! How far along is creative?

Angela [1:04] Jim!

Jim [1:06] Talk to me!

Angela [1:07] I need four high-res images of colorful graffiti, like, yesterday!

Jim [1:11] Too easy. I’m sharing my screen with you now, tell me what you think.

Angela [1:15] Wait-wait let me record this. A little more saturation and we’re good.

David [1:21] Oh man, this is big!

Stephanie [1:23] I don’t even know what “this” is!

David [1:26] Okay don’t mess with me Stephanie! I am in a VERY fragile place.

Angela [1:29] Buckle up. I just told the CEO and he wants us presenting first! I’m joining the meeting. Already over 1000 people have joined this meeting.

Stephanie [1:47] Dave back me up on this dude.

Angela [1:51] We go live in 3, 2, 1.

CEO [1:55-2:06] Thank you everyone thank you for coming. Let’s get started. We have Stephanie from Marketing who has been working on a bold initiative. Stephanie, enlighten us.