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Product Video

BlueJeans Rooms with One Touch Join

Have you experienced the frustration of running into a video conference room and fumbling with a remote or trying to remember the meeting ID number? BlueJeans Rooms eliminates these friction points by providing a consistent and unified end-user experience regardless of the hardware used. BlueJeans interoperates with any H.323 or SIP room system so you can leverage your existing room systems from vendors like Dolby, Polycom, Cisco and LifeSize. Integrate corporate calendars like Google Calendar or Office 365, schedule your video meetings, and join with one touch.
Make any conference room or huddle space a one-touch meeting place that’s easy to deploy, simple to use and centrally managed.


Narrator [0:03-1:10] Today’s users demand a lot from their meeting experience, but the ability to join easily with no friction, tops the list. In the past, joining video meetings involved complicated remotes and confusing join experiences that fluctuated from vender to vender and even from room to room. That’s where BlueJeans Rooms come in. Blue Jeans Rooms provide immediate one-touch access from any conference room to BlueJeans cloud-based video, audio, and web conferencing platform. With no dial-in or passcodes to remember. And every BlueJeans room users can see every scheduled meeting happening that day. When it’s time for a meeting to start, just tap a button and you’re in. BlueJeans rooms integrate calendar application like Google and Office 365 with conference room systems like Dolby, Polycom, Cisco, and others, so joining a BlueJeans meeting is always easy and automatic. We make deployments simple with guided support from a BlueJeans specialist. Once the service is installed, new rooms can be added with just a few clicks from a central dashboard. Make joining meeting from any room easier than ever. With BlueJeans Rooms, it’s as simple as one touch.