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State of the Modern Meeting 2018

Digital communications technologies are not new—in fact, they have been around almost as long as the World Wide Web. What is new is that we now know a lot more about how we use them, and what we need out of them.

With work styles changing and consumer-like simplicity redefining the tools we use to get work done, the platforms we use must change too. Think back to the first virtual communications technology you used. Fifteen years ago, a virtual platform that merged conference calling with screen sharing was innovative. It combined the best of both worlds and made it easier to get work done.

Now think of the work you do today. Think about who you interact with and where they are located. Think about employees today and how tech-savvy they are, how they are accustomed to working whenever and wherever. Think about how much more work gets done today than fifteen years ago, and now think about why that is. It is because the tools we use to support our teams have changed.

Organizations using modern meeting platforms are creating a competitive differentiator for their businesses by providing teams with the solution they need to act with greater agility, drive innovation, and ultimately improve business outcomes. To better understand this, BlueJeans conducted a global study to see how people meet and what is most important to them when it comes to meeting solutions.

Download State of the Modern Meeting 2018 to:

  • Discover why organizations are using cloud meetings platforms to drive productivity.

  • Understand where and how employees want to meet.

  • Learn which types of meetings employees have and how they expect them to run.

  • Uncover the most commonly cited barriers to productive collaboration.

  • Find out why the meetings solutions of the future will incorporate AI, facial recognition, and virtual assistants.

State of the Modern Meeting 2018