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Suntory Drives Digital Meeting Engagement with BlueJeans

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The global IT team at Suntory is responsible for investigating ways to simplify and modernize company-wide communication. Like many enterprise companies, they have both conference rooms and individual workspaces, which have previously been outfitted in various manners. In addition to teleconferencing systems, Suntory had been using Skype for Business for internal desktop communication, and meeting rooms were equipped with Cisco and Polycom endpoints. Unfortunately, cross-platform integration did not work well.
To fix the issue, Suntory implemented BlueJeans—a cloud-based platform that was easy to install and manage. The BlueJeans service model provided Suntory with the flexibility to optimize usage across time zones. Besides delivering modern video conferencing, BlueJeans reduced IT support requirements, preparation time, and troubleshooting, while delivering consistent reliability. Finally, it connected virtually any device to meetings. For example, BlueJeans allowed users connecting via smartphones to transition to a conference room—without ever leaving the meeting.