Customer Story

Suntory Drives Digital Meeting Engagement with BlueJeans

One of the oldest distributors of alcoholic beverages in Japan, Suntory Holdings Limited is a brewing and distilling company founded in 1899. Suntory uses BlueJeans to simplify and modernize company-wide communication across devices, laptops, and room systems. 


  • Burdened by time consuming room system set up and troubleshooting.  

  • Interfaced with different communications ecosystems, as companies are acquired.


  • Eliminated room connectivity issues and simplified management with BlueJeans. 


  • BlueJeans supports high quality, dependable meetings that are easier to support, manage, and troubleshoot than on-premise hardware.  

  • BlueJeans users have reached critical mass thanks to ease-of-use and reliability.


Retail Beverage
HQ Location
Tokyo, JP