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Customer Story

Stevenson Simplifies Distance Learning Using BlueJeans’ Meeting Versatility

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Stevenson University needed to facilitate first-rate distance learning programs and enhance university-wide communication. Delivering a highly accessible and easy-to-use solution, BlueJeans Meetings brought Stevenson University a premier video conferencing software platform resulting in broader program offerings and easier accessibility for students and professors alike, no matter their endpoint or location.


  • Expand available distance learning programs for working students.
  • Provide easier video call accessibility for students and professors, regardless of endpoint.


  • BlueJeans livestreams interactive lectures and supports traditional classroom activities via multiple devices and endpoints.
  • BlueJeans’ interoperability connects users through existing, multi-vendor room hardware.


  • Highly accessible, easy-to-use meetings via any endpoint for students and faculty.
  • Maximize traditional video hardware and streamline distance learning with platform integrations and interoperability.
  • BlueJeans’ 24/7 support for assorted video call and livestreaming scenarios.



HQ Location

Stevenson, MD