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Customer Story

Seattle Children’s Hospital Delivers Modern Telemedicine with BlueJeans Video Calling

Seattle Children's Hospital provides holistic patient care with compassion and respect, while conducting leading-edge pediatric research. They use BlueJeans video conferencing to support, extend and modernize telemedicine for patients, doctors, and researchers worldwide.


  • Rolling out reliable patient to physician connections via a long-term meetings solution that supports the entire organization.

  • Finding a scalable and effective way for healthcare providers to learn from each other and exchange ideas.


  • BlueJeans provides one-touch join across any device, desktop and room system for seamless connectivity with no software to install or download.


  • Improves clinical decision making with high quality, face-to-face video meeting experiences.

  • Supports easy connectivity with other countries further expanding and accelerating treatment reach.

  • Saves a tremendous amount of patient travel time and associated costs.




HQ Location

Seattle, WA