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Customer Story

Using BlueJeans, Opus Interactive Bridges Cultural and Technical Gaps

With technical teams spread across Oregon, Virginia, and Texas, Opus Interactive wanted opportunities for its people to interact and collaborate in routine ways. The cloud services provider knew that having teams in different locations can cause gaps not just in experiences and workplace culture, but in fostering teamwork to improve support and service delivery. To bridge this divide, Opus Interactive thought of putting these teams together in the same ‘room’ to give them more chances of working together. It created what it calls ‘hot walls’, which are video conferencing sessions on BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Voice that are available 24/7. Set up at its data centers, these hot walls allow teams across three states to collaborate in real time and build rapport, creating synergy among them while enhancing support and services for customers.


  • Oregon-based Opus Interactive wanted to ensure its technical teams remained connected and could work together closely, no matter where they were.


  • The technology company adopted BlueJeans Meetings for its internal communications as well as customer-facing activities. It installed BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Voice at its data centers, choosing the solution for its excellent audio and video quality, and its noise cancellation feature, which is perfect for the company’s dynamic work environments.


  • Opus Interactive has seen a 30% to 50% increase in team collaboration while strengthening its workplace culture across its offices in Oregon, Virginia, and Texas.
  • By using BlueJeans for its ‘hot walls’, it has reduced the time it takes to deploy complex cloud solutions and to resolve customers’ technical issues.
  • It has also gained a competitive edge by letting customers into its hot walls so they can get support immediately and work with engineers in real time.
  • With constant connectivity via BlueJeans, Opus Interactive technical staff members can jump on calls even when they are in parts of the data centers with no mobile coverage, allowing them to provide support without delay.




Hillsboro, Oregon