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Customer Story

Electrolux Delivers the World’s Best Appliances with Premium Collaboration from BlueJeans

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As one of the world's largest families of appliance brands, Electrolux connects its global employee base with BlueJeans. Using one-click video collaboration and large-scale live streaming, both technical and customer-facing departments rely on BlueJeans to bring their premium products to market.


  • Outfitting 55,000 employees and offices in 150 countries with video-first communications to replace a hard-to-use assortment of legacy conferencing technology.



  • Achieved a 95% satisfaction rating across 3,600 surveyed end users.
  • Widespread adoption drives 11 million meeting minutes per month, 58,000 meetings per month, and over 280K participant endpoints joining per month.


Appliance Manufacturing

HQ Location

Stockholm, Sweden