Customer Story

King Entertainment Connects Employees Globally

King is the largest creator of casual games in the world, featuring titles like Candy Crush. BlueJeans delivers an all-in-one communications platform with video, audio and web conferencing for both internal and external parties as well as all-hands events.    


  • Finding a comprehensive meetings solution to benefit every employee that was also easy to manage.   

  • Ensuring high quality, error free all-hands meetings and executive video conference calls. 

  • Streamlining the global candidate interview process for HR teams.



  • BlueJeans Events supports company-wide all-hands meetings across any device or endpoint, maximizing attendance and participation.  

  • BlueJeans provides a single platform that can be used by everyone, expediting communication and enhancing productivity.


  • BlueJeans connected over 50 office locations with a single, easy to use meetings platform.  

  • BlueJeans delivers seamless, high quality all-hands events with easy moderation for IT. 

  • The BlueJeans support staff and their flexibility have been a tremendous asset.


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