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Customer Story

Amicus Therapeutics Collaborates with Patients to Develop Medicines for Rare Diseases

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As the COVID-19 crisis escalated, biotechnology company Amicus Therapeutics wanted to ensure the safety of vulnerable people on its Patient Advisory Board contributing to the development of important therapies. The company also wanted to rally team members around the company’s mission while they were working remotely. Amicus Therapeutics achieved both goals with the help of BlueJeans.


  • Amicus Therapeutics wanted to ensure the safety of Patient Advisory Board members, made up of patients and caregivers, participating in meetings during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • With most of its employees working remotely, the company remained committed to reminding employees of its reason for being and inspiring them to excel on behalf of people living with rare diseases.


  • The company stepped up its use of BlueJeans Meetings to hold international Patient Advisory Board meetings virtually, enabling patients and caregivers to attend from anywhere.
  • Using BlueJeans Events, the company transitioned its regular global company- wide ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions to a 100% remote format.


  • Amicus Therapeutics has successfully transitioned to convening virtual Patient Advisory Board meetings, with participants embracing the new technology. This means it can continue to gather the critical patient insights needed for its important medical research.
  • By holding regular virtual ‘Lunch & Learn’ events, the company can ensure its employees remain connected with each other and motivated by those affected by rare diseases and their communities.

You can also watch the webinar here on how Amicus Therapeutics addressed their customer, patient, and employee needs head-on using BlueJeans video conferencing.



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