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Customer Story

Central London Community Healthcare NHS Provides Virtual Healthcare Services with BlueJeans

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As a renowned Community Health NHS Trust in the United Kingdom, Central London Community Healthcare (CLCH) had to quickly transform the way it delivered its community health services when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. To keep patients and staff safe for services, CLCH used BlueJeans to facilitate virtual community healthcare for two-million patients within a matter of weeks.


  • Facilitating virtual community healthcare for two million patients during a pandemic, within a matter of weeks


  • BlueJeans Meetings to facilitate virtual one-on-one patient care, group therapy and staff collaboration
  • BlueJeans Events for large-scale townhalls and executive meetings


  • 60 percent of community health services are now conducted over video conferencing, guaranteeing continuous and timely patient care while lowering the risk of exposure to patients, staff and clinicians during the pandemic.



HQ Location

London, UK