As a market research firm with mostly overseas clients, video conferencing is vital to Jakarta-based Sentral Kualitas Riset (SKR).

Clients such as multinational companies looking to enter Indonesia or roll out new products in the local market typically keep tabs on the research process. When they can’t send someone to a project site, they like to monitor the proceedings via a live stream.

“We rely on video conferencing for all that and to support our data collection,” says Founder Sandi Zay. “Without the technology, it would be tough to serve our clients and get new ones.” 

But virtual communication wasn’t always hassle-free for SKR. With its previous meeting solution, connections would falter and even drop out whenever the Wi-Fi signal was poor. Often, the screen would suddenly freeze.

“We were using that platform for years. But when some of our clients in the US and Europe started sending us BlueJeans Meetings invites, we became curious,” says Zay. 

“We noticed during those calls that the audio and video were clearer. Even when there was noise in the background, the audio wasn’t picking it up.” 

Audio and video quality is especially important to Zay’s team because they regularly use video conferencing for in-depth research interviews as well as client meetings. Some clients would even ask if the team had another meeting solution besides their platform.

“So, we decided to give BlueJeans a try and we’ve never looked back,” he says.

Ensuring Connectivity and Business Continuity

SKR hasn’t had any major issues since adopting BlueJeans Meetings. Even when a Wi-Fi signal is weak or bandwidth is low, its BlueJeans platform adapts and remains stable. According to Zay, “There’s no lag in the audio and video, and the screen doesn’t suddenly freeze.”

This became a big advantage when the team started working remotely due to COVID-19. “Even though we have different wireless networks and bandwidths, we’ve never had any problem connecting,” he says. “That has helped us minimize disruption to our business.”

Improving the Bottom Line

Using BlueJeans Meetings has benefitted SKR’s bottom line. The firm has reduced its operating costs by doing surveys and interviews virtually instead of face to face, without having to pay extra for cloud storage and transcribing meetings.

“We now have more cloud storage. And that means we can store more recordings in the cloud without worrying about capacity.”

Zay estimates that since adopting BlueJeans Meetings, his firm has reduced its video conferencing and related costs by about 10% a month while seeing an increase in client numbers.

“Many of our potential clients are selective of the platforms they use for their projects. With BlueJeans Meetings, we have an ideal platform.”

Enhancing Collaboration with Clients

New features such as BlueJeans’ virtual whiteboard offer the team a more creative way to present plans and research process flows to clients. This improves collaboration and engagement. Likewise, it is easier for clients to provide instructions for research projects using content and screen sharing.

“Another advantage is that when we live stream research interviews to clients, we don’t have to use multiple devices. We can do it from one laptop or PC, and the sound produced, as well as the image, is very clear,” says Zay.

“Our clients are very satisfied with the quality of our live streams via the BlueJeans Meetings app.”

Providing Prestige

Zay notes that the audio and video quality of recordings remain the same even when his team moves them from the BlueJeans cloud to their own server. Previously, the quality would decline when they converted recordings into an MP4 file format for clients.

“And we know that the recordings of our interviews remain confidential because of BlueJeans’ secure containers in the cloud.”

Zay expects to continue using BlueJeans Meetings given the platform’s reliability, quality, and positive impact on his firm’s image. 

“BlueJeans adds to our prestige in the eyes of our clients. We are one of the few Indonesian market research firms that use BlueJeans, and that gives us a lot of edge.”

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