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Analyst Report

4 Keys to Implementing High-Value Huddle Spaces

Is your business ready to meet the demands of the changing workforce? According to Frost & Sullivan, there are 32.4 million huddle spaces worldwide, however, the vast majority lack the technology needed to facilitate productive meetings. But, what can you do to better leverage space and technology to drive your digital transformation mission?

Frost & Sullivan identify 4 essential solution characteristics needed to support video-enabled huddle spaces for today’s tech-savvy workforce while greatly enhancing ROI. Learn these 4 characteristics and how you can apply them across your environment to empower your employees and optimize your room investments.

Learn how to:

  • Maximize ease of use for higher employee adoption rates
  • Deliver solution flexibility to create holistic value
  • Design rooms with an eye toward seamless scalability
  • Measure success in tandem with business outcomes

Read Frost & Sullivan’s report and start transforming your rooms into flexible, easy-to-use, naturally productive huddle spaces.

Frost and Sullivan Report
Analyst Report