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Analyst Report

Embracing The Hybrid Workplace

In a world where nothing is certain, businesses must be prepared to enable employee communication and collaboration from anywhere, at any time and on any device. The best way to do this is by enabling a hybrid workplace. The goal: allow employees to work part time or full time from the location of their choosing—home, office or a combination of the two.


Analyst firm Frost & Sullivan identify key insights that organizations need to consider in order to develop an effective hybrid workplace strategy.


In this report, you can learn:


  • The benefits of remote work combined with in-office collaboration

  • The benefits of hybrid work for organizations which are traditionally on-site

  • The role of flexibility for an effective hybrid work strategy

  • The four key pillars needed for a successful hybrid culture

  • The main tools to support an effective hybrid workforce

  • Best practices and practical checklist for a borderless workplace


Read Frost and Sullivan’s report and accelerate your hybrid workplace initiatives today.


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Analyst Report