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BlueJeans Studio

Production Tools for Interactive Virtual Events

Achieve Maximum Audience Engagement

Bring Broadcast-Quality To All Your Virtual Events

BlueJeans Studio unleashes the power of video for your corporate all-hands meetings, earnings calls, and high-impact product launch events. Amazing event experiences are only a click away.

Live stream

Keep Attendees Engaged

Never subject your employees to boring events again. Custom speaker layouts, dynamic graphics, & interactive polling keep energy high. 


Deliver Incredible Scale

Deliver virtual events that everyone in your organization can attend.  Drive inclusivity with industry-leading capacity so no one gets left out. 


Protect Your Privacy

Ensure sensitive information remains private with registration workflows and security controls that put a premium on your privacy.  

Memorable Event

Next-Generation Virtual Events

Transform Your Next All-Hands

Ensure that everyone across the organization has a chance to participate and engage with senior leadership. Chat, Q&A, and Polling all provide meaningful opportunities to strengthen the bonds across broadly dispersed teams.

Speak with an Expert

Interested in learning more? Contact us and we'll connect you with a Studio expert.