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BlueJeans Smart Meetings

Intelligent meeting management software to improve productivity before, during, and after meetings.


Free your workday with fewer, smarter meetings

BlueJeans Smart Meetings transforms the meeting experience with in-app intelligence that allows you to capture the most important discussion points, assign action items, and catch-up quickly with time-saving highlight reels.

BlueJeans Smart Meetings Highlights

video meetings evolved

Capture and Share Meeting Highlights

Immediately tag important discussion points and enrich them with automated transcription and crowd-sourced commentary. Each highlight includes real-time screen capture and priority rankings for additional context.

BlueJeans Meeting Management Software

Assign Action Items and Next Steps

Quickly assign tasks, communicate responsibility, and manage follow-through to improve enterprise-wide accountability. Email notifications and persistent action tags help track project status and drive task completion.


Binge-Watch Meeting Summaries

Access dynamic meeting summaries and watch meeting recaps in minutes, not hours, in the interactive meeting hub. Easily share recaps with co-workers to ensure organizational alignment.


Integrate Meeting Intelligence with Slack

Automatically share Smart Meetings highlight reels with any private Slack channel.  Notifications keep teammates informed about key meeting details and provide a direct link to the playback page.

Save time across the entire meeting lifecycle

Featured Use Cases

Project Management

It is challenging enough to run a meeting with a coalition of stakeholders across an organization — capturing and communicating action items makes it even harder. BlueJeans Smart Meetings helps ditch manual note taking and streamlines email follow-up and critical next steps with easy-to-use meeting management software features.

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