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iPhone Video Conferencing

iPhone video conferencing bridges the distance between colleagues, teams, partners, as well as management, clients and employees, or educators and students anywhere. It lets iPhone users participate in face-to-face discussions and collaboration. With BlueJeans, virtual meetings and events are easier using the enterprise-grade, iPhone video conferencing app.


Using BlueJeans iPhone Video Conferencing App

How to conference call on iPhone? It’s simple. Just download the BlueJeans mobile iOS app from the Apple Store. Once installed on your iPhone, login using your personal account and start a meeting. If you don't already have a BlueJeans account, you can start a free trial. Using a simple passcode, join the meeting as a participant or moderator. Scheduled meetings are displayed in the app’s calendar feature. Simply click a meeting URL link to join the conference call on iPhone. Attendees without a BlueJeans account can still join as a guest and participate.

Once in the BlueJeans video meeting, you will see any others present, including yourself. By clicking the mic icon you can mute yourself or turn off your self-view by clicking the camera icon. Click to end the conference call. Slide the screen to the right and a menu will open where you can turn your camera on/off, enable audio-only communication, change meeting layout and share content, such as pre-loaded files, web page images and photos. When viewing shared content from someone else, the participant view remains. For a list of participants in the meeting, slide the screen to the left and chat with the group. Moderators can easily invite additional participants via email.

Benefits of iPhone Video Conferencing


Aside from mobile devices, many organizations use software like Skype or Microsoft Lync for internal video conferencing and chat, as well as conference rooms for large video meetings. Providing hassle-free communication and collaboration, BlueJeans lets users join meetings using multiple devices or software services.

Ease of Use

The BlueJeans iPhone video conferencing app allows users to join or host meetings on-the-fly. Workplace tool integrations, like Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook, make it simple to schedule meetings. Email meeting invites to participants so they only have to click a link to join. Simple app controls make participation seamless, including audio/video mute, along with change layout and group chat options.

Content Sharing

During meetings, easily share content with others from your iPhone or view content shared by others. From documents to photos and videos, share a range of content. Native gestures, like pinch-to-zoom, are supported.


The BlueJeans conference call iPhone app leverages the cloud to connect iPhones with other devices in one meeting, up to 100 participants, with no need for MCU equipment. Cloud-based software, BlueJeans iPhone video conferencing integrates seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure, providing meeting management from a user-friendly, admin dashboard.

BlueJeans iPhone Conference Call Features


Global Connetion

Connect iPhone users with endpoints worldwide. BlueJeans iPhone video conferencing is completely compatible with most popular meeting infrastructures, and is ideal for keeping dispersed workforces on track.

Work from Anywhere

Meet Anywhere

Extend interactive video conferences from typical office settings by allowing face-to-face communication and dynamic content sharing that speeds decision making while reducing costs. iPhone video conferencing app technology offers global workforces easy, convenient team collaboration, no matter where they are.

Touch to Join icon


Enable mobile-to-mobile or mobile-to-any device one-touch video conferencing from your iPhone without infrastructure or device compatibility barriers. This is helpful when critical conference call iPhone issues need urgent attention.


Easy Adoption

Users will enjoy reliable, enterprise-level iPhone video conferencing and modern collaboration features over 4G/ LTE networks. The BlueJeans iPhone video conferencing app features intuitive controls, intelligent network bandwidth management and full UC system integration.

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