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Video Calling for Distributed Workforces

Many organizations today have team members working remotely. Working from home or anywhere with an Internet connection is becoming commonplace. While this arrangement has obvious advantages to workers, connecting to colleagues around the globe can be challenging. With regular video conferencing, video calls, and live webinars, effective communication that comes from face-to-face meetings can be maintained in teams that are geographically dispersed.

BlueJeans offers a solution to bring together a distributed workforce with its cloud-based video call platform. Use BlueJeans to enable your workforce to participate in global collaboration anywhere. With just a few clicks of a button, team members can attend online meetings together, speak to each other face-to-face to discuss projects and brainstorm as well as screen share.

Our Video Collaboration Tools Allow:

  • Face-to-face communication
  • Content and document sharing
  • Secure and private environment
  • Real-time collaboration

Flexible Video Conferencing Solutions

When you have a distributed workforce, it may not be cost-effective or even practical to purchase video infrastructure to support each worker's communication needs. This is especially true if you have remote workers collaborating on short-term projects. The upfront investment on video conferencing software and hardware simply cannot be justified when your workforce number fluctuates. With Blue Jeans' cloud-based and scalable video collaboration platform, you have the flexibility to expand or decrease your communication capabilities depending on your staff size and budget.

More Reasons to Use Blue Jeans

  • Ease-of-Use
    Blue Jeans' video collaboration platform is easy to use with intuitive user interface, allowing people to focus on the meeting instead of figuring out how to use the system. It is designed to deliver a great meeting experience for all participants across different environments, including rich content sharing with HD video quality up to 1080p. It is enterprise-ready with all the tools you will need to manage and support it.
  • Interoperability
    In a highly tech-driven world where people have a plethora of vendors to choose from, it is critical that communication technologies can work together. A recent survey revealed that about 92 per cent of enterprises use at least two kinds of video conference tools or software. With different people in different places using different devices and systems, interoperability is critical. Blue Jeans offers a unified platform of communications to bring together a distributed workforce, regardless of what technology they are already using.

    Blue Jeans works with top tech partners to ensure solutions that are interoperable with the most popular business environments and conference tools so organizations don't have to invest in a new system but simply maximize what they already have. Blue Jeans interoperates with conference room video systems, desktop software, web browsers and mobile devices, allowing users to connect to the same video conference using their preferred device.
  • Enterprise-grade Security
    Blue Jeans is a business-level video conferencing solution that is widely accessible, creating highest quality, reliable and secure connections for a across different devices, applications, networks and protocols. We utilize the highest level of security features that have earned the confidence of systems departments of global organizations.
  • Cost Advantages
    One of the biggest benefits of using Blue Jeans video collaboration solutions is the huge time and cost savings combined with the flexibility and reliability of our technology. In order to remain competitive, a business must be able to implement services and systems quickly without the need for major costly changes to its infrastructure. As a cloud-based solution, Blue Jeans requires no MCU hardware or software purchase and installation, which can be tremendously costly to implement and support. Traditional MCUs are also difficult to scale, which can be done with Blue Jeans easily to lower costs when only few people need to collaborate. In addition, our solutions are meant to be affordable even to smaller enterprises with either a monthly-fee or per minute pricing options.

A Variety of Solutions

Blue Jeans makes businesses more connected than ever by offering them a range of solutions to enable seamless video communication in a distributed workforce, including:

  • System-to-remote video conferencing
    Leveraging cloud computing, Blue Jeans allows you to host meeting from a room video system and easily connect to remote room systems, desktop clients and mobile devices.
  • Cloud-based video bridging service
    Enterprise-grade multipoint video conferencing in the cloud allows you to do more with video collaboration with fewer barriers and at a lower price point.
  • Mobile video collaboration: 
    Our mobile-friendly solution lets your workforce engage in video collaboration anytime, anywhere using their mobile phones or tablets

Keeping Remote Teams Working Together

Video collaboration solutions from Blue Jeans let you connect your distributed workforce in a matter of minutes, wherever they are located. We invite you to learn more about our flexible video conferencing services and how we can help you bring together your remote workers to facilitate collaboration. Feel free to contact us, view a live demo or start a free trial now.