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BlueJeans Command Center

Live service intelligence combined with centralized meeting management.

Command Center Meeting Dashboard


360-degree view of your meetings, rooms and events

Command Center provides administrators with instant visibility across their BlueJeans environments. This enterprise-grade management console delivers immediate insight into meeting performance, network conditions, and user-focused ROI.

With in-meeting analytics, real-time alerts, and live meeting controls, you have all the tools you need to troubleshoot issues and ensure optimal meeting outcomes.

Command Center not only gives you the ability to manage your online meetings, it gives you the power to drive digital transformation and manage organizational change with an eye toward the future.

Complete Meeting Oversight

Live meeting controls enable admins to oversee important meetings and eliminate potential disruption.

Real-Time System Management

Room-specific status dashboards provide a comprehensive picture of room availability and readiness.

Quality-Driven Event Insight

Live and past event analytics inform optimal strategies for hosting high-performing webinars and townhalls.

Interactive Dashboards

Interactive Dashboards

View top-level graphs and charts displaying key metrics for usage and deployment.

Real Time Alerts

Real-time Alerts

Get customizable alerts that inform and enable proactive quality monitoring.

Live Meeting Controls

Live Meeting Controls

Mute participants, set video layouts and manage recording settings to mitigate meeting disruptions.

Advanced Quality Metrics

Advanced Quality Metrics

Respond to support requests in real time, identify exceptions, and conduct root cause analysis.

Automated ROI

Automated ROI Analysis

Understand benefits such as travel costs saved and carbon emission prevented.

Rapid Data Export

Rapid Data Export

Download and share data in CSV format or using APIs for further analysis.

Data export from Command Center
Excel CSV or BI tool
Decipher trends and operational data

Customer Story

"The biggest benefit we have seen since using Command Center is getting a 360-degree view of meetings. Understanding the where’s and when’s are valuable, but knowing how to make meetings better is key to making our jobs easier and helping the company run better."
Naspers IT Office and Collaboration Director

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