Live Streaming: The Perfect Partner for Town Hall Meetings

Town hall meetings should include everybody. Transform your next town hall meeting into an open forum where anyone, anywhere can ask questions, explain what’s on their mind, make announcements or share information - all through a live webcast.

Live Streaming Is the Perfect Partner for Town Hall Meetings

Enhancing Town Hall Meetings with Cloud Video Conferencing

Town hall meetings are a powerful way for leaders and executives to share priorities, promote transparency, and foster a thriving, engaged culture. They’re commonly held in large conference rooms, corporate cafeterias, and hotel ballrooms. Town halls are also a great way to learn what different people, teams and departments are doing. By setting up a live stream and sharing content with multiple viewers, anyone can experience the same transparency found when attending a traditional town hall meeting. Multi-party webcasting conveys an easy, fully interactive town hall experience that’s open to participants anywhere. The time is right to extend your message beyond the walls of the room.

Making Your Town Hall Meeting More Productive 

The latest videocast and live streaming technology make every town hall meeting productive, manageable, and secure. A key aspect of a town hall meeting that separates them from other meetings is live audience participation. Live streaming or webcasting takes this up a notch by including remote attendees while adding participant generated comments and questions for a Q&A session. Having access to a much broader, interactive audience also allows teams and individuals to share presentations, strategies, and demos. Through a videocast, leaders and department heads can officially recognize employees and make them proud to be a part of something bigger. Sharing this type of recognition helps to encourage and unify attendees.

Save Time and Money By Live Streaming A Town Hall Meeting

Live streaming is key to creating a dynamic forum that closely approximates executives actually traveling to each location minus the time and travel costs. Being easy to setup and compatible with your technology should be a hallmark of any live streamed town hall meeting. This leaves organizations free to focus their town hall meetings on business objectives rather than worrying about the technology that makes the live event happen. That’s why the latest video conferencing technology is cloud-based, easily supporting town hall meetings of any size, and making them accessible from any device. Broadcasting a live video stream is as simple as sending out a link for attendees to connect right from their web browsers. Start your free trial of BlueJeans Primetime and see for yourself.