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BlueJeans Interactive Live Streaming Software

Create compelling webcasts by integrating BlueJeans Events with Facebook or YouTube Live. Broadcast your message to a global audience and capture more brand awareness by extending the capacity of your video presentation. Moderators, presenters, and attendees experience a production-grade live stream and real-time interactivity.

Interactive Live Streaming with Facebook & YouTube Live

BlueJeans live streaming software supports up to 150 on-camera presenters with multiple video layouts to keep attendees engaged. Within a few simple clicks, event managers can send the BlueJeans video stream through Facebook or YouTube Live and open the invitation to anyone who follows these social channels.   

BlueJeans Live Streaming Software

Interactive Live Streaming for Engagement and Reach

Viewers easily access your YouTube or Facebook Live video event with one click. Those joining from social channels can comment, like, and share to drive community participation and subscriber interaction. Inspire conversation between attendees and close the gap between your audience and your brand with streaming video presentations.

Live Meeting Controls

Manage Video Layouts

Whether you are live streaming a conference, keynote speaker or panel discussion, you can control BlueJeans features during any live streaming event, including customizable polling and chat functionality so participants can ask questions or share comments. Enjoy unlimited Facebook live streaming and event recording, along with live screen and content sharing.

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Scale for Your Largest Audience

Broadcast your content instantly, or schedule events and share your presentation with your social media community. While BlueJeans Events can support up to 150,000 attendees on its own, streaming through Facebook and YouTube Live maximizes your virtual space to allow the largest possible audience into your event. Don’t limit your event capacity – combine BlueJeans with social media and reach anyone in the world.

Generate On-Demand Interest

After the live presentation, BlueJeans Events recordings are immediately stored within Facebook and YouTube to allow marketing teams to get more mileage out of their content. Continue generating lead interest and promote your on-demand video by sending customers and prospects directly to your social channels. Track the performance and attendance of your events with Facebook and YouTube analytics.

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