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Do You Demand More from Virtual Events?

Valuable resources to boost audience engagement and take your webinars from amateur hour to primetime

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We know that you depend on virtual events for everything from building pipeline to keeping your organization aligned and on task. There is little room for error, and you are demanding more than ever from your existing platform. But is your current solution living up to expectations?

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Ready for Primetime?

BlueJeans Events

Award-winning interactive streaming platform designed to maximize audience engagement for webinars, all-hands, and virtual events.

Featured Use Cases

Interactive Live Streaming Makes Every Event Better

Marketing Webinars

Generate qualified leads with real-time engagement tools like polling, Q&A, chat, and raise hand. Spend more time connecting with customers and less time navigating old-school technology.

Town Halls & All-Hands

Bring your workforce and executive teams closer together to improve communication, encourage transparency, and execute strategy. Control every company call from a single pane of glass.

Event Production

Amaze your audience with a studio-quality streaming solution. Enable multi-presenter formats for HD presentations that integrate with any A/V hardware and can be broadcast over any social platform.

Voice of the Customer

BlueJeans Events is the Global Leader in Interactive Streaming

Customer Story

“With Events...wherever they are, anyone can follow the live debates and financial allocations that concern and affect the daily lives of Tarn & Garonne residents.”
Wilfrid Garcia Manager of Audio-Visual Management and Maintenance Hotel Du Department of Tarn & Garonne

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BlueJeans Events Product Overview

Join BlueJeans on February 24th to learn how BlueJeans Events enables organizations of all sizes to deliver production-grade, interactive streaming.