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Press Release - Blue Jeans Network Named to India's Top 50 Best IT-BPM Companies to Work For—2015

Leading cloud-based video collaboration services provider is designated to be one of the greatest places to work by new Great Places to Work study

August 10, 2015—Bangalore, IndiaBlue Jeans Network, the global leader in cloud-based video collaboration services, has been named to the Great Place To Work® Institute's "India's Top 50 Best IT-BPM (Information Technology-Business Process Management) Companies to Work For – 2015" list. In addition, Blue Jeans Network was recognized as one of the top five "Emerging Organisations in IT-BPM – 2015" for firms which have been in operation in India for five years or less.

“We are honored at Blue Jeans to be recognized as one of the best IT-BPM places to work for in India,” said Pradeep Malhotra, VP & Managing Director of Blue Jeans India. “This award is a testament to the Blue Jeans' commitment of creating a workplace environment that provides the brightest minds with great opportunities for growth and originality, all in a fun and safe environment. We have an amazingly talented group of people here at Blue Jeans and we continue looking forward to growing our team.”

Blue Jeans Network was picked from among 149 organizations that applied to be part of the latest initiative of the Great Place to Work Institute India to identify the best workplaces specifically in the Indian IT-BPM sector. Key factors to being selected for the new list were a friendly and welcoming work environment, the availability of resources, camaraderie and the availability of a safe atmosphere.

As part of the study, companies were assessed through two lenses:

  • The Trust Index©, which measures over all management credibility, how respected employees feel, how fair the environment is perceived, the pride engendered in employees by their work and the camaraderie employees feel with one another.
  • Culture Audit©, which leverages the Institute's people practice assessment framework developed to assess the efficacy of people practices in an organization.

Blue Jeans unique company practices highlighted included, a positive company culture, thorough hiring practices, numerous corporate social responsibility initiatives, open door policies, career development opportunities, employee appreciation endeavors, and work-life balance initiatives. Most notably, Blue Jeans was lauded for its transparent and collaborative environment, evidenced by its 'open board meeting' policy. Through this offering, employees are given the opportunity to attend all-company board meetings via Blue Jeans' proprietary cloud-based video conferencing technology and ask questions of board members; a groundbreaking practice rarely, if ever, seen in the business world.

About Blue Jeans Network
At Blue Jeans Network, we aim to bring great minds together to meet, share ideas and reach their audiences through the power of video collaboration. By making video communication easy, secure and scalable, our customers can make online conversations, meetings and events personal again. Blue Jeans' cloud-based platform has taken video into the mainstream, giving thought leaders in business, education, entertainment, and media the power to interact face-to-face with anyone, anywhere.