BlueJeans onSocial Broadcasting

Broadcasting Multi-Party, Interactive Video Over Facebook Live

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BlueJeans onSocial provides individuals, brands, and companies with a self-service, professional grade video calling and broadcasting platform built with industry leading features. Bring people together, create shared experiences, and broadcast them to the world through interactive live streaming on Facebook.


Multi-party Facebook Live streaming for social influencers and businesses large or small

Broadcast events live, share your screen, and record with BlueJeans onSocial

Unlimited Facebook live broadcasting, event recording, and live screen sharing

Share your screen and camera feeds with remote participants through video calls and webinars

Connect up to 100 remote participants or live camera feeds

HD video conferencing, live streaming, content sharing, and recording

HD video, content sharing, and live streaming

Live stream instant or scheduled webinars

Live stream instant or scheduled events

Use video controls to moderate live streamed events

Control live streaming video layouts and moderate controls

Receive assistance for webinars and live streaming events

Live Event Assist services available for live streaming events


How It Works

How BlueJeans onSocial live video streaming with Facebook works

Live streaming on Facebook with BlueJeans onSocial lets you create shared experiences and broadcast them to the world with live, interactive video.


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