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BlueJeans Virtual Workspace

Introducing next-generation BlueJeans. The integrated, full-scale collaboration platform for organizations of all sizes.


A Full-Scale Collaboration Platform

Next-Generation BlueJeans keeps hybrid workers connected during every phase of their workday. From spontaneous to structured, collaboration has a new best friend.


Fully Integrated

Redefine virtual collaboration with meetings, messaging, real-time collaboration board, virtual workspace — all in one platform.


Always Accessible

Maintain continuity in communication with persistent tools necessary for business-critical collaboration, whether you are in a meeting or not.


Incredibly Cool

Immerse yourself with spatial audio and headset-free 3D to spark creativity and turbocharge collaboration.   

BlueJeans Virtual Workspace - Collaboration Platform

The New Workplace

Fuel Spontaneity with Spaces

Collaborate spontaneously with team members in an immersive virtual office. Visual presence indicators and a host of communication options make it easy for you to hang with your team in 2D, or you can customize your 3D avatar and go all in.

Next gen meetings

Boost Productivity with Meetings

Experience secure meetings that make you more productive. BlueJeans Meetings now features the ability to host up to 1,000 attendees per meeting and provides meeting hosts with the ability to initiate Open Breakout Sessions to better facilitate large-scale collaborative meetings.

BlueJeans Collaboration Board

Unleash Creativity with Collab Board

Bring your team’s ideas, thoughts, and content together using BlueJeans Collaboration Board. With simultaneous co-creation for up to 25 users, hybrid workers now have an integrated, infinite canvas a simple click away. The best part: pick up right where you left off, whenever, wherever, on any device.


Enrich Collaboration with Message+

A fully featured messaging tool seamlessly integrated with Meetings and Spaces. Share messages, files, or emojis in a group chat or one-on-one directly from your virtual meeting, office, or huddle.

Featured Use Cases

Virtual Water Cooler

The virtual work environment doesn’t always have to be so structured. With BlueJeans Spaces, teams can have a dedicated "break room" to socialize, play a game of poker together, or simply chat with no agenda in mind.

war room


Strategy War Room

Strategic decisions are typically evaluated during a series of meetings where information is presented and debated. Imagine if you could have a persistent Space to anchor the experience and serve as a digital information hub. 

Virtual Offsite Workspace


Hybrid Off-Site

Your average off-site has a nice blend of work and culture-building in the agenda. BlueJeans can help shepherd the creative process, but also pivot to a more fun, social dynamic to boost team chemistry.

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