Meeting face to face has become the norm at your company. The phones have become dusty because you’ve been meeting in person when you’re in the office, or over video when at home and on the go. The adoption of video conferencing has spread throughout your business like glitter and glue in a kindergarten classroom.

But through all of this, you’ve been feeling like something is missing. You know that video conferencing has inherent value, but you've been looking for the best way to demonstrate return on investment. Well, Blue Jeans is here to help! We’ll show you how you missed that 3-hour flight delay, that 30 minute argument over the rental car insurance, and even the 30 seconds of crying because the hotel gave your room to someone else. Now you can find out exactly what you’re missing - and what you’re saving - thanks to the *NEW* ROI calculator within Blue Jeans Command Center Pro!

This swanky new dashboard allows you to see just how much you have saved in travel this year ($60K? Really!?). The ROI calculator also shows reductions in carbon emissions - you heard that right, your electric car has nothing on Blue Jeans! Face to face is important to close business and build relationships, but it doesn’t need to take time and attention away from your business. With this dashboard, you can now see just how many dollars have been saved and tons of carbon reduced by avoiding travel for meetings.

This is kind of a big deal around here and we are excited to let you get your hands on the new feature. Learn more here.