Mobile Video Collaboration

Join video meetings on the go from your phone or tablet.

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Embrace Mobility and Meet from Anywhere

Whether you're at the office, working from home, or stationed at a coffee shop, you need to get things done.
Blue Jeans Mobile Video Collaboration lets you meet over video and share documents from your mobile
device of choice.

Control Your Meeting Experience on Mobile

Join with video for the full experience or use the app in low bandwidth modeto take advantage of in-meeting text chat, access to the participant list, and document sharing.

Share and Discuss Content

Send In-Meeting Chat Messages



Scheduling and Joining is Easy

Schedule on the fly, join via meeting ID and start your personal meeting – all through your Blue Jeans mobile app.

Our Customers Employ Some of the Best and
Brightest in the Business

See how Blue Jeans video
conferencing is helping the
team at Netflix collaborate
and innovate.
Blue Jeans allows online and
international students to engage
face-to-face with USC's
on-campus classes.
Blue Jeans connects Team
Rubicon's offices with disaster
response teams in the field
over video.
Hosting Meetings is Easy
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