Internet Video Conferencing

The Internet and globalization have made it possible for organizations to become distributed, yet the most critical aspect of communication, face-to-face interaction, still makes it necessary to bring people together in online meetings. Meetings used to be a costly and time-consuming affair that required people to travel and conferencing infrastructure to be installed. Now, forward-thinking organizations are enabling face-to-face communication by taking advantage of Internet video conferencing.

Blue Jeans provides a powerful virtual meeting solution that leverages cloud computing to allow efficient and cost-effective meetings that do not require meeting attendees to travel to a meeting place or use fixed or select equipment. With BlueJeans virtual meeting platform, companies can use what infrastructure they already have for conferencing, including: desktop computers, software client, servers, IP networks, room video systems, and others. Our cloud-based interoperable service can turn almost any device into a powerful video conferencing and collaboration tool, allowing meeting participants to connect over the Internet.

The Numbers Speak Why You Should Use Online Video

According to surveys, face-to-face communication is still the best way to do business. In fact, more than 70 per cent of survey respondents revealed that a lack of face time could have led them to lose a business deal. However, the truth is in a globalized and increasingly mobile world where a distributed workforce is becoming a normal reality, conducting a face to face meeting where parties are physically in the same room can be impossible sometimes.

In this case, the next best thing is Internet video conferencing. More than 50 percent of survey respondents agree to this, while about half of this number prefers audio-only meetings over web conferences. One common problem with audio conferences is sustaining audience attention with 6 per cent of survey respondents admitting they have fallen asleep have fallen asleep during this type of meeting.

The root of the issue is the fact that without video, there's no way to see what the people on the other end are doing while the discussion is going on. Nearly 70 per cent of respondents admitted that they multitask during audio-only conferences. It may not be so bad if they are getting some other real work done, but the range of tasks participants are doing on the side range from using Facebook and Twitter to being on other calls or even taking a nap.

The Benefits of Video Communication

As the survey statistics show above, video conferencing is the way to go for your business or professional meetings and collaborations. In audio-only web conferences, it takes a very engaging and effective meeting host to ensure all participants remain focused and are heard. Internet video conferencing technology helps address this problem by displaying a list of participants and showing the whole group as well as who is speaking.

A view of the group also remains on screen even during screen sharing, making it harder for people to multitask as it's going to be obvious if they are not paying attention to the discussion. Also, in video meetings, facial expressions and nonverbal cues are not lost which contributes significantly to more effective communication. Because of this, video conferencing can lead to shorter but more productive meetings. It can also help create a richer online meeting experience.

A truly important benefit of Internet video conferencing is how it can help organizations establish and keep quality professional relationships despite the distance. With video, you can put a face to the name of the people you are working with. It also eliminates misconceptions that can happen in audio conferences from misreading the tone of the person speaking.

How Can Blue Jeans Help Organizations?

Blue Jeans is a cloud-based video conferencing service that supports multiple parties and HD content sharing. With our solution, you can schedule meetings with up to 25 attendees or endpoints per meeting. Running completely in the cloud, you can connect to a Blue Jeans meeting in many different ways: use a PC or Mac, or other mobile device to view the meeting on a web browser or use an in-room system like Cisco or Polycom. Join Blue Jeans Internet video conferencing to take part in discussions and collaborations around the globe.

Many organizations are using Blue Jeans to:

  • Engage in multi- and mixed-device collaboration, with excellent interoperability that allows hosting, presenting and collaborating on virtually any device wherever participants are located.
  • Allow all participants easy and hassle-free entry to meetings without desktop client installation.
  • Complete jobs and projects faster through rich and highly interactive meetings.
  • Maximize the value of every meeting by recording it and turning it into a knowledgebase asset, thanks to Blue Jeans' nifty recording feature.
  • Ensure business-grade security features are being used on all online meetings.

Give your organization the best tool to conduct Internet video conferencing whether for virtual meetings, collaboration, trainings, webinars and others. Use Blue Jeans now!