So if you're looking to heighten the quality of your online meetings, try following these simple rules of etiquette below.

  1. Keep on Topic:
    Rambling rarely helps a discussion progress. Overdoing your point and talking in circles can only dull the point you’re trying to make, in addition to making the other attendees grow tired. Try to maintain your discussion so that it falls on topic consistently. Exploring other related topics that spring up naturally isn’t a bad idea, but make sure to pull the discussion back to the subject at hand so your meeting can actually accomplish what it was set out to do.

  2. Ask Engaging Questions:
    Challenging your audience keeps them alert and involved in your discussion. When you participate in group video conferences, you should create a handful of engaging questions that will resonate with your audience and cause them to think about the problem in a different way than they had previously thought. In other words, bring something new to the table. Doing this will get people more involved in the discussion and bring an angle of critical examination you might not have had before.

  3. Avoid the Office Politics:
    Just like with a real-life meeting, office politics can wreak havoc on a group video conference. Try to avoid any ill will that you see building and aim to promote positive discussion. Set an example by promoting respectful communication. Constructive criticism reigns supreme in a successful video conference.

  4. Collaborate:
    It's said that a boss commands, but a leader encourages. In the case of a video conference, your aim should be to encourage as much as you can. By doing so you aid in collaboration and adopt ideas from everyone on the team. Dissect the ideas and challenge meeting attendees to find new solutions and think outside the box. It’s usually this kind of meeting that engages people the best, a stark contrast to the aging and boring chalk-and-talk sessions.

Doing Web Conferencing Right

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