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Get a Room

Here are our best resources to get you quickly up-to-speed on how our BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams will have your team wanting to “get a room” every time they meet.

Advanced Quality Metrics

Read the Datasheet

Learn what you get and what it takes – from key features to technical requirements -- to get started with BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams.

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Watch the Demo

In 6 easy steps, our cloud-native interop solution lets you transform any of your conference rooms or huddle spaces into a Teams meeting room.

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Read the Review

Industry Analyst, KelCor, takes you through their step-by-step experience deploying BlueJeans’ Gateway and gives you a thorough review of our solution.


Want to Try It?

Sign up for our “Try a Meeting” and in minutes connect one of your rooms to a Teams Meeting and experience first-hand the power of our solution. The best part, you don’t need your tenant set-up!


Any of your rooms need a facelift?

Dolby Voice Room & 1-Touch to Teams

Now you can outfit those meeting spaces with the Dolby Voice Room. Not only will you have a 1-Touch to a Teams meeting experience, but you also will create a  state-of-the-art conference room outfitted with the Industry's premier room system.  Monthly subscription pricing is available.