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BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams Promotion FAQ

Created July 2019

What is the offer?

BlueJeans is offering a free limited promotion of BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams for up to 5 concurrent video conferencing room connections, for a year!

  • 12 months free usage of BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams*:
    • Two (2) concurrent connections for existing (SIP/H.323) video conference room systems for organizations < 1000 employees
    • Five (5) concurrent connections for existing (SIP/H.323) video conference room systems for organizations of 1000+ employees o Includes BlueJeans Command Center for central management, reporting and insight (as soon as Command Center support for Gateway becomes available, target - August)

* Free licenses do not include One Touch Join option (BlueJeans Relay). For One Touch, you must sell the customer a full paid version of the BlueJeans Gateway license. Other terms and conditions apply.

What are the terms?

  • Terms, conditions and restrictions apply. Available for first-time BlueJeans customers only. One set of licenses per enterprise. Twelve (12) months usage from the time of contract date. These subscriptions will not auto renew. BlueJeans may discontinue, suspend and/or modify this promotion at any time in its sole discretion. Promotion void where prohibited. Reference the Plan Terms here:

What is the role partners can play?

  • BlueJeans partners are invited to share the promo with their prospects, particularly organizations who have licensed Microsoft Teams. Note they must be net-new customers to BlueJeans to qualify. (Partners should steer existing BlueJeans install base customers interested in the Teams Gateway to a POC vs the promo).
  • Your channel account manager and/or channel marketing manager will contact you about how to market and track leads more broadly through digital programs (e.g. email blasts, web forms, etc.).

How does BlueJeans pass the leads to us when a prospect designates us as their preferred partner on the sign up form?

  • All leads through the web form will be managed by a BlueJeans representative, to ensure we can answer questions, track and provision the service. The partner listed in the Web form will be tracked and alerted.

When and where is the program available?

How long will the promotion be available?

  • The promotion is a limited time offer, available until further notice.

Who is eligible?

  • All first-time BlueJeans customer organizations can take advantage of the offer. The offer does not apply to existing BlueJeans customers.
  • BlueJeans partners who have licensed Microsoft Teams for the internal use of their own employees may apply for the promo for their own internal IT use.

Are current prospects eligible?

  • Yes. You may alert current prospects to the promotion.

Why should I sell this promotion if it’s zero dollar with zero compensation for me?

  • The promotion is designed as a lead generation vehicle to help our partners + BlueJeans generate more opportunities for upsell/cross-sell to the fully paid license. If you feel you can generate those opportunities without using the promo, you are free to do so.

Can existing BlueJeans customers add free concurrent licenses to their BlueJeans Gateway for Teams subscription?

  • No, this promotion is for first-time BlueJeans customers only.
  • Please steer existing BlueJeans customers to a proof of concept (POC) if they are interested in trying the Teams Gateway.

Are there SKUs for this Promotion?

  • Yes there are SKUs for the promotion. The SKUs can be found on the Prepaid Billing Tab of the updated Price Book released on July 19.

How do we order the Promo SKUs?

  • BJN is in progress of updating the BJN Partner Order Form with the new Promotion SKUs as well as the recently released Starter Kits. The updated Partner Order Form will be available in the next few days.

What is the cost to add One Touch Join to the free concurrent licenses provided?

  • One Touch Join requires a fully paid BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams license. Please use your normal process for assessing what pricing makes sense for your prospect and work with your BlueJeans Channel Account Manager as needed.

What happens if this offer triggers a prospect to want more than the 2 or 5 concurrent connections?

  • If the customer wants more concurrent connections than the promotional amount, then you can apply that discount on a quote to them. The quote will be structured as following...
    • e.g., if an enterprise >1000 employees wanted 10 concurrent connections, you should build a quote with 2-line items: line item 1 with the 5 free Promo Plan SKU and a second line item for 5 Gateway for Microsoft teams Concurrent Connections SKU at a paid for price.
    • Please work with your Channel Account Manager if you have additional questions.

Does this require Deal Registration or provide any other protection?

  • Yes. Unless upsold initially, these will be zero-dollar orders, but registering the deal preserves your account ownership. Note there is no margin to be earned on the zero-dollar deals – this is simply an entry point into the account for upsell opportunities.

Where do I find out more information?