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Media, Entertainment & BlueJeans

Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry utilizes BlueJeans to drive down costs and reduce non-productive downtime throughout the film creative, production, and distribution lifecycle.

BlueJeans Value: Save Time and Money

Optimize Productivity

Accelerate concept to camera lifecycle through more rapid review and agreement
Quicker, cleaner follow-the-sun handoffs in film editing and other production activities
Virtual casting calls speed selection and agreement
Rapid turnaround on product placement discussions and negotiations
Reduce risk of a missed release date

Reduce Costs

Staying within budget achieved through improved alignment across stakeholders
Shortened film development lifecycle reduces overall financing costs
More effective collaboration with external law firms for copyright, intellectual property, anti-piracy
Virtual casting calls speed selection and agreement
Risk mitigation: less legal, distribution and other costs incurred with the reduced likelihood of a missed release date

BlueJeans — Designed to Support M&E


Major and independent film studios
Over 100 M&E customers across all segments of the ecosystem
BlueJeans Events is currently leveraged by Sundance Film Festival, TEDx, The Players Tribune, and many others
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