Video Conferences

Video Conferencing That Lets You Communicate and Collaborate Anywhere


While traditional video conferencing software platforms involved expensive equipment, slow connection and disparate systems, the rapid evolution of communications technology has raised the standard. BlueJeans video conferencing solutions offer a whole new communication experience, providing high-quality collaboration outside the meeting room and seamless connections across globally dispersed teams.

Use Audio & Video All In One with Video Conferencing

BlueJeans HD video conferencing technology allows people to communicate with ease over audio and video simultaneously, creating a dynamic communication experience that can’t be rivaled by a phone call, email or letter alone. This widespread, high-quality communication achieved through online video conferences has become ingrained in everyday life, and it’s even more pivotal in conducting business in a world where remote work is increasingly prevalent.

Exchange Content & Ideas with BlueJeans Video Conferencing Solutions

Along with a faster, broader scope of communication, BlueJeans video conferencing applications also enable wider distribution of content. BlueJeans features HD video conferencing, which makes presentations, collaborative projects and hands-on training just as clear remotely as they are in person. Secure video conferencing with Firewall / NAT traversal and encrypted meetings gives businesses privacy and peace of mind.

Collaborate in Real Time in BlueJeans Online Video Conferences

As video conferencing software becomes a staple of workplace communications, remote collaboration has become more attainable—and is even expected. BlueJeans video conference equipment allows a face-to-face collaboration experience that’s just as realistic as an in-person meeting, and with mobile video conferencing, chiming in on-the-go from a smartphone or laptop is just as easy as meeting in a conference room. Cloud video conferences and video calls with BlueJeans give businesses the flexibility to scale and adapt to a range of online video meeting platforms.